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looking for the Right Person
I am awoman
FromManukau City, New Zealand
Age31 y.o.
Want childrenI will tell you later
I look for awoman, 35-65, for friendship, relationship, romance


More about me:

Love is like a friendship caught on fire, In the beginning a flame, very pretty, warm and comforting, but light and flickering. A love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, Deep-burning and unquenchable......

Melanie Call gentle lady, 5'7", single and unattached, Beautiful, attractive(so I've been told), intelligent, spiritually evolved with a well developed and strong psychic/intuitive sense, sensual/passionate, independent, cultured/well-mannered, romantic, cerebral, well dressed, Pretty, emotionally stable (sometimes), Enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, spontaneous escapades, visiting friends, Vegas every now and then, love horses and trucks, as well as an old Porsche.

Love to go on long walks, moongaze, we wish on the stars, sunsetgaze, sunrisegaze, theater, concerts, dancing, barbecue, movies, or just slow dancing and smootching in front of the fireplace.

Very passionate woman about loving and romance(kissing, fondling, cuddling).
Still an "old school" 'gentle'lady,(thank you Mom and Deddy) bring you flowers, hold hands, open doors for you, kiss you goodnite and good morning, public display of affection, honor our friendship, honest and sincere, mail you love songs and inspiration, surprise you with unexpected gifts, make you chicken soup when you hurt.

I believe there is a Man out there that can read a lady's character through touch, breath and heat. I seek the man who knows the power of perfectly placed kiss, a whisper, a glance, one who can bring a lady to brink of madness and slowly take her over the edge,

WARNING! Kissing this lady will cause temporary breathlessness & an extreme desire to do it again! Other symtoms may include: Chills & or tingling sensation throughout entire body. Increased to rapid heart rate. Hot flashes. Temporary periods of lost concentration. Temporary loss of balance. (Don't worry, i'll hold you until you can stand on your own again.) Note: The above symptoms are temporary! If you find yourself experiencing any of them simply thinking of me, you don't need to see a doctor! You're experiencing a normal human emotion that starts with the letter "L".

My Ideal Person: I will only accept the very best of what you have to offer.. nothing less will do....

YOU AND I ARE VERY passionate about life and living, heart of gold, sensitive, caring, quite/shy, outgoing, young at heart, man for all seasons. Our love for each other is undaunted. We will always remember our first kiss(es), first dance, cool songs, and red hot love.Still able to hike a volcano, yet go dancing in the evening, bubblebath with candles and wine, We give each other massages, fireside chats with a whole bunch of kisses, nylons and heels to levis and tanktops, agressive but yet submissive,
slow dancing in my living room, mental tennis on real life issues. Mutual respect for our minds and bodies.

Am I asking too much? Probably NOT. We feed off of each others physical and non-physical (metaphysical)energy and lots of chemistry, down to the bone marrow.

I am in the search of a down to earth, sensitive man, who is not afraid to go after what he wants. A man that is romantic, enthusiastic and passionate. I believe in friendship as a base for dating, and why not for a long term relationship?
I do not think that internet dating is the best way to get to know a person, I have found in my past searches for the right friend some misrepresentations and disappointments. However, I still have faith and know that regardless of these experiences there are others like me that believe in an honest friendship-and if its organic, perhaps more.
So, if you are interested in laughing, talking , dancing and enjoying our good quality time, let me know because I am looking for exactly the same thing.

My interests:

Art/Culture Computer Games Eating out Music Role playing Shopping Singing Travelling

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