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Dating Online Is Not Reality!

Just in case you skipped the title of this article, I will write it again.

Dating online is not reality!

You have not met a woman until you actually meet her in person.

Before you meet a woman in person, you simply have a connection with your computer screen which you would like to transfer to a woman.

The reason why it is important that you understand the simple basic concept of "dating online is not reality" is too many men spend way too much time "getting to know" women online.

Don't get me wrong, online dating offers men the potential to meet women they might not meet otherwise and is a good resource to use.

However, it is effective only if it is used correctly.

Your profile and first two emails (at most) must be enough to get at least a phone number, any time it takes more than two emails to get her phone number you are dating online which is not reality.
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Anyone can post a picture of whoever they want to be and date online as a male or a female.

However, women who want to actually meet men in the real world should have no problem wanting to meet you sooner rather that later.

If you ever find yourself exchanging email with a woman who says otherwise, perhaps now you can ask yourself if she wants to meet in reality, since you know dating online is not reality.

Of course if you enjoy dating online by all means continue living in your own fantasy.

Teddy Shabba is an author.
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Dating Online Is Not Reality!
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