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Revelations: Finding yourself (better late than never) through online dating

Hi, my name`s Nigel and I`m 55 years old. In the beginning, about six years ago, my search for a soul mate consisted of speed dating in my local area or submitting to Lonely Hearts columns in newspapers. This led to a number of either non-consequential or meaningless meetings. I did meet some really great, warm women and had a few good - but short - relationships. The problem with the speed dating was that no one was my age. As a (then) 49 year old, I was looking for something I don`t think the other candidates were. I was a lot more mature, settled and looking for companionship. As a traditional Christian, I found this search even harder. After a dry spell on the speed dating front I stumbled across (with a little help from above) a great alternative for over 50`s dating that didn`t involve awkward meetings, drinking or the disappointment of not meeting people similar in age.

It was my good friend Luke who introduced me to online dating. Luke, like myself, had lost his partner a few years ago. Going through such grief caused me to lose sight of who I was as an individual and what I wanted. God helped me realise when it was the right time to adjust to my new life. Luke helped me connect to various sites but I found I was most at home when surrounded by likeminded Christians, like at Online Dating Bible.

Setting up my online profile was surprisingly cathartic. Thinking about what my interests were, who I wanted to meet, my religious outlook and the type of person I might be interested in was hugely helpful in understanding my new self. The old story about recognising your own values before you can recognise someone else`s is completely true. Writing an online dating profile is like creating your own advert, but it has to be completely honest, candid and open. Filling it out is a lot more detailed and focused than turning up at speed dating and having those same old conversation starters every three minutes. You do it once and you choose who you talk to.
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It took me a while to gather the courage to email women I thought I might be interested in. This online dating business was new to me! Now it`s is a different story; I have a renewed confidence which can only be down to being in contact with the right people. I`ve made some great friends whilst dating online and proved that over 50`s dating is not dead! Everyone I have been in contact shown such grace and had genuine geniality. Through online dating I have really found myself. Becoming part of a community who are on the same wavelength, with the same Christian values has really built my spirit. My confidence has grown immensely and I have found a type of peace in my heart which can only come when you are completely at one with who you are. There`s no messing around with us over 50`s, you get what you get and it`s that which makes dating within our generation so extraordinary.

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